Robert Saunders

Entrepreneur, Developer, Designer, Tech Lover

Robert William Saunders

Computer Engineering Student

My name is Robert Saunders, a creative and self-motivated computer engineering student at Queen's University in Kingston. I have always been driven to build tools that excel other people’s lives and have a deep passion for technology. Over the past few years I have been given opportunities that have exposed me to the technologies that fuel our planet and I want to be a part of them. We live in a world that revolves around technology so what better time to continue to grow and inspire each other with the creative minds we were given. Everyone is unique and brings something different to the table, I bring a desire to learn, innovate, and grow, making sure to have fun while I do it.

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Technical Skills


My strongest programming language

SASS / Bootstrap

Precompiled style sheets and responsive websites all the way


Interactivity is the forefront of a fantastic experience


Exposure to the world wide web is rewarding

Git Workflow

Saved my bacon a few too many times


Pixel perfect design, my favorite design tool

Ruby on Rails

Learning backend web technologies


Single page applications are really fast, I want more

Unix / Linux

Servers make things happen, I want to know how

Work Experience

August, 2016
June, 2014

Verax Inc.

Software Development Consultant

During my time at Verax I was given a unique opportunity to work at a sister company to develop assistive technology for people living with cognitive impairment and their caregivers. Largely due to limited resources, I took a senior position in the development of the application and worked closely with a fellow developer, project manager and a limited quality assurance team. My work was largely comprised of writing Objective-C code, performing tests and actively contributing to the system architecture. In my most recent work term I took on a project manager role, in which I met with clients, defined and presented release requirements, designed user interfaces and tailored the user experience to our older audience.

Mar, 2016

Engineering Society of Queen's University

Director of Information Technology

Recently I was appointed the role of Director of Information Technology in the Queen’s University Engineering Society. This position involves managing the entire IT infrastructure for the society, representing the entire engineering faculty on multiple information technology committees and working collaboratively with the other members of the executive team to meet long term goals. Since taking on the position the infrastructure has been transitioned entirely into the cloud, a support ticketing system has been implemented, student involvement in IT related teams has increased by 240%, a system status page has been created and a server monitoring system has been implemented.

Feb, 2014
Dec, 2012

Craigleith Ski Club

Skiing Instructor

As a skiing instructor, I was responsible for teaching a group of ten 8 to 11-year-old children the fundamentals of skiing. Being certified as a CSIA Level II Ski Instructor and a CSCF Level I Ski Coach allowed me to define and create exercises specific to certain group members skiing style. Group members were taught in a friendly environment and parent interaction enabled me to interact with varying types of people.



Bachelor of Applied Science (Computer)

Queen's University at Kingston

Academically, I am currently a second year computer engineering student at Queen’s University. I was awarded the Queen's Excellence Entrance Scholarship. I am taking courses that further develop my problem solving, communication, time management and technical skills. Some of the courses I am taking or have taken can be seen below:

  • MTHE 235 - Differential Equations
  • ELEC 271 - Digital Systems
  • ELEC 278 - Fundamentals of Information Structures
  • APSC 161 - Engineering Graphics
  • APSC 142 - Introduction to Programing

Sept, 2007

Ontario Secondary School Diploma

Royal St. George's College

  • Ontario Scholar
  • Proficiency Award
  • Steward
  • Ambassador


My portfolio consists of various projects I have worked on or am working on. I have launched two iOS applications onto the App Store, StayHealthy Fitness and iWould. Both of which I completely designed the user interface and experience for using Sketch and other Photoshop applications. A project that is particularly close to me is Mobile SSD, it is the first application I wrote and it's purpose was to allow students at my high school to access their homework on their mobile device. Software is limited to the hardware it is paired with and that fascinates me. While in high school I was enrolled in the Advanced Computer Engineering School and my independent study project was to examine and learn how printed circuit boards are made. This is when I designed and ordered printed circuit boards from a supplier for two projects our class were working on, my school's 50th Anniversary Clock and a Gecko clock. During my work terms at Verax Inc. I was able to work on a project called Zalio. Zalio is a practical tool that helps families stay connected and support one another when caring for a loved one. On the project, I worked with another developer to develop an iPad and iPhone application and also developed the product website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.